Newsletters and Social Media

Do you occasionally get phone calls from charities asking you for money, and the only time you ever hear from them was the previous year, when they also called and asked you for money? This kind of communications strategy is a surefire way to lose donors and alienate people from your cause.

Regular communications help donors feel connected, and cared for, as well as keeping your cause top-of-mind. When people know where their donation is going and what difference they’re making they’re much more likely to give again.

We all want to be thought of as people first, not just as credit card numbers. This is why Re.Markable Communication are excited to be able to offer you our new Communications service, to help you keep on top of this.

How it works

You book in a phone conversation with one of our experienced team of writers and give us an overview of what’s been happening for the month. We’ll help you establish headlines and story outlines, then write and publish an article a week on your website, and share it via your social media on your behalf. Then, at the end of the month we’ll collate these emails into an e-newsletter, which we can then send out directly to your email list.

Our writers have many years experience in journalism and working with not-for-profits, and have seen first-hand the difference that regular supporter communication makes.

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