The Fundraising CRM for your charity or NFP
  • Fundraising Events
  • Manage fundraising events with quick and easy donor data collection.
  • Call Centre Operations
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency in donor data collected by multiple phone staffers
  • Regular Giving Automation
  • Make it easy for your supporters to give regularly with direct debit donations.
  • Payment Gateways
  • Profiler has 13 different payment gateways enabled.

What Profiler can do for your charity

Profiler was first created as a tool for ensuring quick, easy, and accurate data collection during short public appeals and has been developed to manage donor data over the long term. Originally designed for radio stations 3-7 day on-air fundraising events, Profiler has the tools you need to manage a public fundraising appeal, and keep your community of support engaged as the campaign progresses. Events features include the ability through an XML output to provide selected data to your website in real time, such as a live tally update or a feed of the most recent donor’s first name and suburb to say thank you. We took over the promotion and sales of Profiler from the original designer in 2017, and have been very proud to see it in use so effectively in a diverse range of NFPs of all kinds of sizes. And because we still have a close relationship with the developers, we’re able to give feedback and ask for changes and updates quickly and easily. We’re really proud of all our products, and we know that a great CRM like Profiler can make a huge difference in fundraising and customer relations.